Data Science Group – Politecnico di Milano



Being data science inherently multi-disciplinary, our group collaborates with several others with different background.

Academic Collaborations

  • Computational Design: Pavlos Protopapas (Harvard IACS)
  • Cloud Computing: Volker Markl and Asterios Katsifodimos (TU-Berlin)
  • Genomic Computing: Pier Giuseppe Pelicci and Giuseppe Testa (IEO), Bruno Amati and Stefano Campaner (IIT), Lansoon Wong (NUS Singapore), Noam Shoresh (Broad Institute), Marilyn Matz (Paradigm4).
  • Data Visualization: Paolo Ciuccarelli (Politecnico di Milano, Density Design Lab)
  • Fashion Design: Paola Bertola, Chiara Colombi e Federica Vacca (Fashion in Process – FIP, Politecnico di Milano, School of Design)
  • Data Valuation and Business: Michela Arnaboldi (Politecnico di Milano, Management Dept. and MIP)
  • Mathematical aspects and Statistics: Piercesare Secchi and Simone Vantini (Politecnico di Milano, Math Dept.)
  • Cloud computing: Elisabetta di Nitto and Danilo Ardagna (Politecnico di Milano, DEIB)


Industrial Collaborations


IBM        oracle      TIM Telecom Italia       Vodafone



We collaborate with two startups:

  • Fluxedo, focusing on social data analytics and social network engagement (see for instance cityOmeters and socialOmeters)
  • WebRatio, focusing on Web development and modeling, IoT and sensor data management

An example product developed with them is eventOmeters.