Data Science Group – Politecnico di Milano

Crash Course in Data Science – People@DEIB

The Crash Course in Data Science is a multidisciplinary introduction to data science targeted to B.Sc. students. The course is held in Italian and the materials are in English.


The agenda of the 2018 edition is as follows:

Intro and big data (2h): Stefano Ceri
Statistics (3h): Simone Vantini
Data science 1 (2h): Marco Brambilla
Data science 2 (2h): Marco Brambilla
Domain-specific (2h): Ciro Cattuto (ISI, Epidemiology), Paola Bertola (Digital Fashion)
Domain-specific (1h): Stefano Ceri (Genomic Computing)
Cloud data platforms (1h): Marco Brambilla
Data visualization (3h): Paolo Ciuccarelli


The course materials are available here: