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Scientific Calls

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CySoc 2024

5th International Workshop on Cyber Social Threats

Full-Day Workshop Co-located with the 18th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (June 3, 2024)


Submission deadline: April 2, 2024

This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners in computer and social sciences from both academia and industry to exchange ideas on understanding the multi-faceted aspects of harmful content while leading the discussion on building novel computational methods to reliably detect, derive meaning of, interpret, understand and counter them. 

BMC Bioinformatics

Call for papers – Big data management in biological domains


Submission Deadline: 6 September 2024

This Collection welcomes submissions on methodologies, pipelines, and tools for handling big heterogeneous data corpora, creating integrative databases, or resolving complex biological problems. This includes, but is not limited to, approaches of data and knowledge management or integration workflows; conceptual models and ontologies; databases or information systems design, implementation, and evaluation; domain-specific modelling languages; data FAIRness assessments; and big data analytics architectures.

WALS 2024

The 3rd international workshop on Web Applications for Life Sciences


Paper submission deadline: April 14th, 2024

The WALS workshop, at its third edition, aims at being a meeting forum for Web Engineering, Data Management, and Bioinformatics researchers working on life sciences problems, offering the opportunity to share, discuss and find new approaches to support Search, Knowledge Extraction, and Data Science on the Web, thereby achieving important results for healthcare, precision medicine, biology, genomics, and virology.


Special Issue on Data quality dimensions in Data FAIRification design


Submission deadline: 30 November 2024

The strong connection between data FAIRification and data quality presents a fertile ground for research. It motivates a deeper exploration of methodologies, tools, and best practices to effectively integrate FAIR principles with innovative data quality frameworks. This will thereby enhance data reliability, trustworthiness, and the utility of data assets in rapidly evolving data ecosystems. This special issue aims to collect recent advancements in the theory and practice of data quality in the context of data FAIRification and FAIRness.