Challenges in Data-Driven Genomic Computing

Workshop in Como, Villa del Grumello – March 6-8 2019

Organized by the Advanced ERC Project GeCo – data-driven Genomic Computing




Wednesday, March 6

10AM – Session 1:  Foundations of Genomic Computing

Val Tannen (University of Pennsylvania):

Limsoon Wong (National University Singapore):

Stefano Ceri (Politecnico di Milano): Data models and languages in Geco


2PM – Session 2: Biological Applications for Genomics (with special emphasis on the tri-dimensional structure of the genome)

Giovanni Ciriello (University Lausanne) – Elisa Oricchio (EPFL)

Colin Logie (Univ. Neijmegen)

Rosario Piro (Free University Berlin)

Cliff Meyer (Harvard University)

Giulio Pavesi (Univ. Statale Milano) – Long-distance enhancer-promoter interactions.

Pietro Pinoli, Luca Nanni, Marco Masseroli (Politecnico di Milano) – GMQL in action to solve biological problems


Thursday, March 7

9AM – Session 3: Genomics for Personalized Secondary Prevention and Prognosis in Cancer

Giovanni Apolone (Istituto Nazionale Tumori) – Keynote on personalized secondary prevention and prognosis in cancer

Nadia Zaffaroni (Istituto Nazionale Tumori) – Prostate Cancer

Mattia Boeri (Istituto Nazionale Tumori) – Lung Cancer

Sergio Marchini (Istituto Mario Negri) – Ovarian Cancer

Isabella Castiglioni (CNR/Bicocca) – Integration of imaging and genomics

Paolo Verderio (Istituto Nazionale Tumori) – On data quality for omics datasets

Maddalena Fratelli (Istituto Mario Negri)

Linda Piattini (Politecnico di Milano)


2:30PM Session 4 – Parallel groups on Prostate, Lung, Ovarian cancer (with participation of expert clinicians/bioinformatics from the three cancer types) + other special interests groups

17:00 Wrap-up: short summaries from the groups


18:00 Social Event (tentative: dinner in Brunate, “Locanda del dolce basilico”)

Friday, March 8

10AM – Session 5: (Big) Data Challenges

Angelos Anadiotis (EPFL) – Thinking “big” in science and genomics

Jan Ramon Troncoso-Pastoriza (EPFL) – Responding to the security and privacy challenges raised by precision medicine

Sara Foresti (Univ. Statale Milano) – Data protection abstractions in genomics

Raffaele Calogero (Univ. Torino) – Data analysis and reproducibility

Enzo Medico (Univ. Torino) – Big data visualization in 3D


2:30PM – Session 6: Research challenges in genomics

(ALL, Gong show: 5 minutes informal presentations, halted by gong, with final discussion)

5PM – PhD Oral – Stefano Perna